The Origami Artist Omer Shalev


Origami artist, Omer Shalev began studying origami at age of seven while attending summer camp. In spite of his young age, Omer was fascinated with origami’s endless possibilities and intrigued by the discipline, organization and preparation required to fold a single piece of paper into a recognizable object of art. With initiative and boundless curiosity, he began to seek out literature on the subject but soon discovered that there was little available… and that much of it was in Japanese.

Omer Shalev

Origami is an art form that adheres to clear-cut axioms and processes with a specific mathematical correctness to each creation. Omer began to explore all the possibilities of taking this regimented discipline and expanding the boundaries beyond the accepted norms, experimenting with texture, color, shape, and complexity. Never quite satisfied with the idea of folding what others had already folded, he began experimenting with his own designs. After acquiring the complex fundamentals of the art form, he was accepted as a member of Origami-USA, attending both domestic and international conventions. Soon, his skills and creative talent became so lauded that he was urged to teach, lecture and exhibit his original, meticulously structured models.

Omer has conducted workshops at the Museum of Natural History and M.I.T, as well as several other museums and notable forums. He privately tutors other promising artists and has exhibited in several galleries in New York City. Recognized as “the origami artist”, Omer also does custom work for collectors, interior decorators, event and wedding planners and cake bakers. Each custom piece is signed and dated.

Now a young man, Omer continues to push the boundaries of this art form, always reaching for the aesthetically beautiful within the mathematically correct. His individual, naturally flowing pieces adhere to the principles of origami heightened by his passion, energy and unique eye for beauty.